33rd Annual Chicago Association of Holy Name Societies Spiritual Assembly and Procession of Banners at Five Holy Martyrs with St. Bruno Holy Name Society

     We give honor and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for allowing us to come together to praise him and to break bread together! We were blessed to have our friends and families along with the Holy Name Societies of Five Holy Martyrs and St. Bruno on this Glorious evening in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Many thanks to Most Rev. Alberto Rojas, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago and to all the priests and deacons this evening for helping us celebrate our Spiritual Assembly Mass this evening. Thanks go to the Knights of Columbus and the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima for being a part of our celebration. Thanks go to all of our Holy Name Society members from across the Archdiocese of Chicago who volunteered to help with the various parts of the mass and procession and made contributions. Thank you to the officers on the CAHNS Board of Directors. They have been very generous in giving their time and talents to the Holy Name Society at their home parishes and on the city-wide level as well. Many blessings to you guys!!!

Our most grateful thanks go to the Five Holy Martyrs Holy Name Society and their parish for hosting our 33nd Annual Spiritual Assembly and Procession of Banners along with St. Bruno’s Holy Name Society. Under the leadership of Jim Koziel and Pastor Fr.Wojciech Baryski. They could not have accomplished this without the help of all the dedicated women and men on the various planning committees. Kudos to all!

The CAHNS Man of the Year Award for 2012 was presented to Casey Niedos of the Five Holy Martyrs Holy Name Society. Congratulations Casey and God bless you for all that you do and have done!

Our CAHNS Raffle Drawing for 2013 was held and the winners were announced at the reception after the Mass.


Blessed Be His Most Holy Name!


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